Roads, where we are going we don’t need roads

In the movie Back to the Future, Marty’s thinking was stuck in the past when he said, ‘Doc we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get up to 88.’ Doctor Emmett Brown had been to the future and shows Marty a new way. Sonos is not a car like the DeLorean. It is a system to deliver music wireless in your home or office. Sonos is a back to the future smart speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room in your home or office. You control your music with one simple app and fill your home with pure immersive sound. You can play a different song in the living room, family room even the patio or play the same play list in every room. All of us at R&S have been enjoying Sonos for several years in our office and homes. Check out Sonos at

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