In the Beginning…

While my field of study in college was electrical engineering, that was not my start. The personal computer came years after I graduated from college. Fast forward to 1985. My family became the owners of an IBM 8086 computer, a CGA monitor and a daisy wheel printer, also not my start. My wife began working with DOS 1.1 and SSI’s (Satellite Software International) Word Perfect 2.2. I had no interest in the machine. As my wife taught herself word processing she began to encounter computer problems. She handed me the manuals and requested my help. This was the start, I soon found myself investigating the PC out of personal curiosity. For the next three weeks I spent every free moment teaching myself how to type. Over the next few months one computer turned into two. Surely there had to be a way to enable the machines to talk with each other. Soon there was a computer network at our house. A lot has changed in the past thirty years. Computer technology has exploded. After thirty years my curiosity is still alive and active.

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