In June of 2007, my dad handed me a wrapped box. Inside was a brand new iPhone. He was so excited for me to have it. I was not. Why in the world would I want this giant thing when I had a perfectly good flip phone and I had an iPod with all my music. My husband used it more than I did until he got his own a week or two later.

It’s been 8 and a half years since my first iPhone. I’ve had 7 different versions (iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, 5, 5S and I currently have the 6) over that time period. I cannot imagine my life without it now.

My phone is so many things. It’s a book when I get to a client too early. It’s my radio in the car, on a walk or at the curling club. It’s the timer for both dinner and when the shared toy goes to the other brother. It’s the file folder for my 8 million spreadsheets and the spreadsheet that organizes my spreadsheets. It’s a distraction for the kids when the car ride gets too long. It’s the answer when I can’t remember who that actress was or why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. It’s a connection to see my kids when I’m out of town and the flashlight I use to avoid legos when I check on them before I go to bed. It’s my wallet, my map, my bank, my photo album, my rolodex, my email, my recipe book, my tv and so much more.
But one of my favorite things is that it makes me happy. I try to send a few text messages every week to people I haven’t seen in a while or who might be having a hard time. I let them know I’m thinking about them or that they are awesome or that I saw a picture of a dinosaur farting and I thought of them. Taking the time to tell someone else that I appreciate them or want good things for them does more to change my own perspective than anything else I’ve found.

So enjoy your phones. And if you find yourself with a free minute, send someone a funny picture or tell them that you care. The world gets a little brighter when you do.

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