Getting the big picture

So you want to display a file, a video or a web page on the ‘big screen’ in the conference room and you want to know about some options for accomplishing this. Here is the setup we frequently recommend. Purchase a good LED TV that has several HDMI ports. You can get a Samsung 48” LED TV for about $425. Purchase an Apple TV which costs $150. If you are using a Windows notebook computer, you will want to purchase an application called AirParrot 2 for $15.

Once the Apple TV has been connected to the LED TV and your wireless internet, you are ready to access the big picture. If your notebook has an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to the LED TV. If your notebook does not have an HDMI port, you can connect to the LED TV by running AirParrot 2 on your computer and connect wireless to the Apple TV. iPhones, iPads and Mac’s have ‘Air Play’ built into their operating system. You can display your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the LED TV through Air Play and the Apple TV.

We have the same setup at our house. When the kids and grandkids come over and want to show their iPhone pictures and videos, we fire up the Apple TV and breakout the popcorn.

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