Enter Once, View Everywhere

Having your email, contacts and calendar synchronized across your computer, your notebook, your phone and your tablet is huge! If you respond to an email on your phone, it appears in the sent folder on your desktop automatically. If you book an appointment on your Outlook calendar, the appointment is automatically pushed to your notebook, phone and tablet. Your contacts are found on every device. Enter once, view everywhere!

Previously enterprise email, contact and calendar service was beyond the reach of most small businesses. It required a significant capital expenditure for hardware and software along with professional IT support.

With hosted exchange the initial cost is minimal. The ongoing cost is predictable and reasonable (about $7.50 per email account per month). You are renting exchange server space on the service providers equipment. A reliable provider like Intermedia.net ensures your data is secure and has a 99% uptime service record. Your data is protected by redundancy across multiple data centers.

When setting up a new computer, phone or tablet adding your hosted exchange mail is simple and fast. The last phone I purchased at the store was downloading all my email, contacts and calendar before I reached my car in the parking lot.

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