Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Comstarlogo2R&S Design has partnered with Comstar to bring cutting-edge voice communication solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the country. Your business relies on its ability to effectively communicate with customers and vendors. We can help your company achieve the reliable and professional image of large businesses.

FCC LogoGuess who is planning a retirement party for PSTN? In November 2012 AT&T petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to plan for the retirement of traditional phone networks and transition to the all-IP telco. The Federal Communications Commission itself has suggested the PSTN might be ripe for retirement somewhere around 2018. You may be more like your great grandfather than you think! If you are using landline telephones you are using the same voice quality Bell Laboratories thought you should have in 1933. We are promoting an anti-aging campaign with Hosted PBX and VoIP Services. Keep great granddad’s picture, not his telephone. R&S Design with Comstar can bring you the power of a Fortune 500 phone system to your business! Oh, and by the way … it is affordable too!

  •  There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain.
  •  Manage your system with an easy-to-use online account to access  all your company and employee settings.
  • Connect multiple offices, onsite staff, and off-site employees under one phone system with virtual extension—assign them to any employee, to any device, in any location.
  •  Provide all phone features to all employees, regardless of their location … and stay connected to your business when you leave the office.
  • Get the latest feature and functionality updates available instantly — there’s no hardware to upgrade or additional software to purchase or install.
  • Access your phone system from everywhere — all you need is an Internet connection.

Additional Telecom Products and Services

Voicemail to E-mail – Have your voicemails automatically forwarded as a .wav file to your e-mail so you can address messages quicker.

Remote Call Forwarding – Program your system to forward your calls to your cell phone when you’re away from your desk.

Music on hold/Selling on Hold – Provide up-selling information and improving customer wait time.

Professional Auto Attendant Recording – Provide customers with an enterprise-level greeting when they call your company.

VoIP – Leverage your current data network to include voice, and eliminate telecom expenditures.

Voice Disaster Recovery – If for any reason you are unable to take calls at your business, Comstar can create a plan for secondary and tertiary call handling via either wireless, or at one of our temporary office locations.

Phone Bill Analysis – Allow Comstar to review your current telecom/data monthly expenditures to help find less-expensive alternatives as well as removing fraudulent and needless charges.

Wireless Headsets – Improve employee productivity by 21%.

Smart Paging – Paging across all office sites regardless of location as well as offering customers the ability to locate a roaming employee without operator assistance.

Cell Phone Connect – Allowing users’ office and mobile phone to act as one point of contact so calls to the office ring simultaneously on users’ mobile phones.

Sound Masking/White Noise – Create a better and more-private working environment for employees by masking office noise and disruptions.


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