Parish Data Software (PDS)

Record-keeping and congregational communications are two important tasks for today’s church office. The demands of most church offices necessitate an accurate and efficient technological solution for these tasks. We are the premier provider of Parish Data System software, training and support for churches in the Harrisburg , Philadelphia , Allentown , Trenton , Camden and Wilmington Diocese. Serving over 350 churches, we are not only familiar with the problems churches face, we are familiar with solutions to those problems!

  • Church Office Management
  • Formation Office Management
  • Facility Scheduler
  • Ministry Scheduler

Installation and Training are available for your staff.  We can provide either on-site at your location or remotely.

Version 8 is here!

PDS released Version 8 for Church Office, Formation Office, Facility Scheduler, Ledger, Payroll and Ministry Scheduler.

PRICE: From any version of:

  • Church Office – $200
  • Formation Office – $200
  • School Office – $200
  • Facility Scheduler – $75
  • Ledger – $100
  • Payroll -$90
  • Ministry Scheduler – $75